Sales Ops: Improving the Efficiency of your Sales Engine

For any early stage SaaS startup, once you have identified the Ideal Customer Profile who find immense value in your product, gaining sales...

Rachit Parekh
Investments, Accel
Siddharth Jain
Investment Analyst, Accel
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Sales Ops: Improving the Efficiency of your Sales Engine

For any early stage SaaS startup, once you have identified the Ideal CustomerProfile who find immense value in your product, gaining sales momentum &replicating the sales playbook becomes critical.

A typical sales representative ends up spending 65% of time doing non-revenue generating activities which are otherwise essential to the business.

Enter Sales Ops

Sales ops is the guardian of any sales process & helps you run the sales function better, saving time & improving efficiency for the sales team!

Key Roles & Responsibilities of the Sales Ops Team:

  • Work closely with sales mgmt to analyse sales data and process to identify opportunities for revenue optimisation
  • Setup reports on sales KPIs for the leadership and manage sales data updation CRM
  • Provide insights to sales team on what is working/not working & how the pipeline is shaping up
  • Interfacing with marketing, customer success and product team to drive sales objectives, strategies and initiatives
  • Support the assignment of sales quota and administration of commission plans
  • Coach & train new sales team members to enable fast ramp-up

What are the different roles in Sales Ops and when should you hire them?

A standalone Sales Ops team member starts becoming relevant once the company reaches closer to $1M. In a large SaaS enterprise, the following is the typical structure of the Sales Ops & Enablement team:

A brief summary on how roles can evolve in SalesOps team

How do you measure the effectiveness of a Sales Ops team?

  • Effective Sales Time: Time spent by Sales reps in client interactions vis-a-vis time spent on internal interactions, meetings and admin work
  • Sales Forecasting & visibility: Accuracy of sales forecasts vs. the actual targets achieved
  • Length of Sales Cycle: The average duration it takes to seal a dea
  • Sales Rep ramp-up time: Streamlining the documentation, training process and onboarding process to minimise the time taken for a new sales representative to operate at full capacity
  • Sales Quota Achievement: Setting up of realistic targets for sales teams and 100% achievement by the team
  • Lead conversion funnel: Sales process improvement to improve the relevance of leads coming into the funnel and enable sales reps to focus on most relevant leads

Written by

Rachit Parekh
Investments, Accel

With an MBA from MIT Sloan and undergraduate degrees from BITS, Pilani. Rachit is a part of the investment team - focused on investments in early and growth stage companies.

Siddharth Jain
Investment Analyst, Accel

An IIT Delhi graduate, Siddharth is a part of the Investments Team. He focuses on early-stage investments in cyber security, SaaS and media companies.

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