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When we first met Deepak Anchala, his vision to change the way sales & marketing teams leverage data excited almost all of us at Accel. In an industry where established players like ZoomInfo and a plethora of other startups exist, his startup Slintel took a different approach by giving companies strong visibility on potential buyers for their product - who, why and when!


This was groundbreaking for the teams which saw what Slintel could do for them. What also stood out for us in Slintel was the customer love they are garnering!

“Despite the pandemic, Slintel has grown 800% in the past year and now has over a hundred customers globally. They are becoming the natural choice of Fortune 500 companies as well as fast-growing early stage startups."

Sales teams across the world are spending over $12Bn annually on data needs and Slintel simplifies their lives. By evaluating billions of data points through their proprietary model, the platform helps sales teams discover and connect with active, high-intent buyers and derive actionable insights about their target accounts.

Slintel’s growth is testament to how important sales teams and processes are in this changing world. At Accel, we continue to believe that technology enabling sales teams will be critical in giving organisations a competitive edge. Our past investments in the domain include Zomentum and MindTickle.

Today, we are glad to announce our investment in Slintel.


We are excited to work together with Deepak, Rahul and their team in this journey they are on. All the best, Team Slintel!

Transitioning to a remote work environment has been a struggle for a few startups. But at Slintel, fortunately, we have seen things play out differently and we believe that the company's exceptional focus on building a thriving culture has been a pillar of their story.

Their team has more than doubled in the last year and they are looking for great people to join them!

For more information about Slintel or their product, please visit www.slintel.com or reach out to Deepak at hello@slintel.com

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