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Decoding Omnichannel: 
Strategies for D2C Brands

As India's retail market speeds towards an anticipated $2.2 trillion by 2030, the convergence of offline and online presents a transformative opportunity for consumer brands. Embracing an omnichannel strategy is not only a necessity but also a strategic imperative. Businesses can position themselves at the forefront of this innovation, driving sustainable growth and catering to the the diverse needs of the Indian consumer.

In our report, Decoding Omnichannel: Strategies for D2C Brands, we delve into the intricacies of the retail revolution, drawing insights from trailblazing companies like BlueStone, Lenskart, and Mamaearth. By offering actionable strategies and insights, we aim to empower entrepreneurs and brands to navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence. Based on frameworks in this report, founders can create their own playbooks to scale their businesses successfully.
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Omnichannel is the future of consumer brands
$2.2 Tn
size of the Indian retail market by 2030
500 Mn
online shoppers, discovering new brands by 2030
D2C brands launched post covid due to ease of launching online
sales will continue to have offline touch-points in the future

Case Studies

Launching omnichannel | 4 phase playbook for offline expansion

To serve customers around the country, Lenskart, adapted a four-phase playbook for its offline channel expansion.

Stage I: Seeding the base city
For First 10 Stores
  • Identified top performing pin codes
  • Clustered pin codes to identify possible markets
  • Estimated TAM of possible markets and found potentials location (malls/high street)
  • Started building processes and systems to run the store, measure and improve performance
“Visiting the markets was hard but essential before setting up that first store”
Stage II: Build depth in base cities, seed in the next cities
10-100 Stores
  • Built systems and processes to understand and fix store performance
  • Identified gaps in existing cities and open maximum number of stores
  • Identified 4-6 other cities to go deep in with at least 1 store each city
  • Started experiments with franchisee models
“The store doesn’t serve a 3kmcatchment; it was a 10-min drive-time catchment”
Stage III: Invest and expand
100-500 Stores
  • Identified existing best markets based on footfalls, demographic mix, online order densities
  • Understood distances at which stores started cannibalizing
  • Scouted for look-alike markets across country
  • Built successful franchisee stories
“Identifying look-alikes is a science. You can’t leave it to anecdotal judgment“
Stage IV: Expand using data and ML
500+ Stores

Identified all potential markets across cities in India for expansion where at least 2 of the following exist :

  • Brand clusters
  • Online order densities
  • Non-organized competition
“We realised with data that Bangalore was a 200 store city”
Grew at 140% CAGR post launching offline stores

Bluestone pioneers an omnichannel jewellery experience, allowing online product selection with in-store checkout convenience.

Bluestone is a fine jewelry brand that was founded in 2011. Over the last decade it has emerged as India’s largest omnichannel jewelry brand with over 190+ stores countrywide.

Set up stores in congruence with online activity density:

  • Customers browse and select jewelry online prior to a purchase. However, touch + try are critical steps to buying jewelry; Hence seamless purchase of online cart to offline checkout is enabled at stores

Leverage data across multiple nodes to optimize supply chain metrics:

  • Inventory planning and demand forecasting basis online customer selection and cart addition
  • Real time view on product sales across stores and inventory in-stock

Scale offline via different operating models:

  • Experimentations with multiple operating models e.g., COCO/ Franchise to help identify the right mix needed to drive the highest RoE
1200+ Cr
Revenue (FY24)
Revenue CAGR (FY20 – FY 24)
Offline stores (FY 24)
Increased online search trends (2020-2024)
Leveraged omnichannel to scale in rural India

AgroStar is empowering 10 M+ Indian farmers via an omnichannel experience delivered by its Farmer App and retail store network

AgroStar is India’s leading agritech start up, founded in 2013 with the mission of Helping Farmers Win. It solves for the farmer by delivering personalized agri-advisory, providing high quality agri-inputs and enabling access to global markets for their produce.

Set-up retail stores to go deeper in online demand catchments

  • Nearly 70% of pin codes with online demand have at least one retail store in their catchment
  • 52% customers who are transacting at retail stores, had previously consumed content on the Farmer App. They 
demonstrate an ARPU growth of 30% with a store opening in their vicinity

Drive new customer acquisition via retail stores

  • 72% of the farmers acquired at the store consume agri-content on the Farmer App within 5 days of transacting at store

Unlock profitable growth for retail partner’s business

  • 25%+ increase in retail partner’s footfall* and 50% increase in retailer margins* post collaborating with AgroStar
~750 Cr
Net Revenue (FY24)
Retail stores
Farmers connect with the advisory center daily
Farmers connecting daily on the Farmer App

Key quotes by founders

Anurag, Founder - Pilgrim

The future is frictionless.  By offering an omnichannel experience, we empower consumers to seamlessly switch between online browsing, in-store consultations, or social media interactions.  Omnichannel retail ensures we're accessible however our customers choose to shop.

Gaurav, Founder - Bluestone

Embrace the digital age, but never lose sight of the human touch. Omnichannel success lies in seamlessly blending the convenience of online experiences with the warmth of offline interactions, creating a holistic journey for customers.

This philosophy has not only guided our approach at BlueStone but has also fueled our success. By adopting an omnichannel strategy, we've enhanced customer satisfaction and driven significant growth, solidifying our position as an industry leader. Looking ahead, we believe omnichannel will remain central to retail, shaping customer engagement and brand success.

Shardul, Founder - Agrostar

Although we live in a digitally connected world, building a physical presence and adding a human touch is critical to building a brand. While the adoption of digital channels amongst farmers is gaining strong traction,  farmers are yet a bit apprehensive about turning to digital platforms for all their farming needs or are largely unaware of these digital channels.

The purpose of our omnichannel strategy is to give farmers faster and greater access to AgroStar’s services and provide a seamless experience to our customers across channels. In a crowded market, AgroStar’s Laal dukaan has become a trusted place of choice for farmers across the country

Srikanth, Founder - Homelane

“From day one, our core belief has been that the home interior market business would be omnichannel. Having the online is essential , but having the experience centre is equally crucial since people want to touch and feel of the product. We generate many online leads but actual conversions happen offline only. Ours is a consultative sale. We would continue to work on same business model in the future as well.”

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