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SeedToScale aims to reduce information asymmetry when it comes to knowledge around building and scaling businesses. At our core, we believe that real knowledge and experience come from those who are actively building companies. Our objective is to create a content hub for practical, actionable content from successful founders, engineers, growth experts, and other industry leaders.

We invite thought leaders to pitch their ideas and collaborate with us. Your perspectives and experiences could provide invaluable learning for our audience and contribute to the collective wisdom of our community.

/Pitch Guidelines/

SeedToScale is a community built on shared entrepreneurial experiences to support those who are building companies. At SeedToScale, we encourage a variety of storytelling methods, including podcasts, videos, blogs, and data visualisations.

As a contributor, we request that you:

Keep your writing clear and concise.
Strive for objectivity and keep emotion to a minimum.
Aim to inspire, not discourage.
Share from personal experience rather than borrowed wisdom.
Maintain a professional yet conversational tone.
Adapt your content to resonate with new founders.

/Frequently Asked Question/

Who can contribute to SeedToScale?

At SeedToScale, we are seeking original, analytical, and well-crafted pieces. We value attention to detail, data-driven insights, and in-depth reporting.We welcome journalists, subject matter experts, and anyone with a captivating story related to building and scaling.

Who is your audience?

Your story will reach our audience of over 50,000+ subscribers comprising startup founders, CXOs, and industry leaders worldwide.

What can I write about?

We focus on fintech, big tech, SaaS, telecom, EVs, food tech, science, healthcare, retail, and education in India and Southeast Asia, and the impact of policy on building businesses in these sectors. Exceptional business stories outside these areas are also welcome.

What are the story expectations?

Your stories should be fact-based, reported, analytical, and provide a unique viewpoint. Evidence should support every claim.If your story is in the form of a blog, we would like for it to be between 1500-2200 words in length, but understand that each story has its own unique requirements.

I have an idea for a content piece. Can you help me develop it?

Certainly! If you provide the idea, expertise, and data, we will work with you to create an engaging content piece. Our aim is to amplify your voice while preserving the integrity of your unique insights.

Will I be compensated for the content I produce?

Although we strive to make SeedToScale an open-source knowledge library, we are willing to discuss this matter. Please send us your pitch, and we will contact you to discuss further details.

/The Pitch Process/


Pitch your idea using the provided form. You'll receive an acknowledgment email.


If your pitch is engaging, we'll provide feedback and may request a revised pitch.


Upon pitch approval and storyline finalization, we'll schedule a publication date.

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Ready to share your idea or story? Fill out the pitch form and start your journey with us. We typically respond within a week. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us at seedtoscale@accel.com.

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