Welcome to SeedToScale

At Accel, we have backed 150+ startups from their seed stage and travelled with them on their journeys to scale. With Seed To Scale, we are taking these learnings back to our startup ecosystem.

Building a business is hard. Scaling it is even harder. Which is why we have built this platform to help the next set of founders to scale faster. We do this with content, domain specific programs, & access to a curated community that can help during this journey.

To enable more success for founders, we have enabled access to angels, micro VCs, executives, as well as the larger Accel community. This community also acts as early users & customers for founders during the initial stages.

SeedToScale’s success lies entirely with the founders who have used it, learned from it, and also given back to the community.

Digram depicting Things that one can expect from Seedtoscale


How is SeedToScale different from other accelerators?

SeedToScale is the first community partner in the early days of your startup journey. It's a no strings attached, no commitments community where the sole objective is to help you build clarity on your startup's direction. Many founders from SeedToScale join top accelerators across the world.

Does Accel do seed stage investments? What is the right time to pitch to Accel?

We have backed 150+ companies, and 90% of the investments were at the seed stage. We meet and invest in founders right from the idea stage to the growth stage. In case Accel does not back you very early, we also encourage reaching out to us again as you make progress in the journey. We love founders who strive to grow and are open to talk to us.

Will Accel fund the startups who are part of SeedToScale?

No, Accel does not promise any funding if you are part of the SeedToScale collective. However, if we find any startup that matches our investment thesis and we believe in them, we might fund them. However, we let every founder get access to other investors through various channels. We have also written recommendation mails, done reference calls and more to back our founders in the community.