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SaaS Playbook: Learning from the Practitioners and Building a Community

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"We do not learn from experience, we learn by reflecting on experience..."    -John Dewey

At Accel in India, cross-border SaaS remains a major area of focus. These are companies out of India, building software for the global market (e.g. Freshworks, Chargebee, MindTickle). Over time, we have found that there is a common thread of problems that they face.


"When is the right time to hire a sales leader in the US/ Europe?"

"What are the right metrics to measure marketing efficiency early on?"

"How do I create a common culture in a cross-border company?"


Plenty of companies in our portfolio have faced similar challenges before. Over time, they have created mental models and decision frameworks to take on these challenges.

To help our early stage companies think through these problems and potentially answer some of these questions, we decided to create a masterclass series for them. We brought in practitioners from more mature SaaS companies share their specific, tactical inputs and mental models on how to deal with their growing pains. The idea was to keep it extremely actionable and answer each startups questions in depth vs. high level "advice."

We broke these sessions down into five sessions:

  1. Marketing Playbook: led by Ramesh, Vignesh and Balaji from Freshworks
  2. Sales Playbook: led by Mohit from Oloid and former founder of Mindtickle
  3. Sales-ops Playbook: led by Rajaraman from Chargebee
  4. Product Playbook: led by Anand and Suresh from Clevertap
  5. Team Playbook: led by Krish from Chargebee

Our aim from this is two-fold:

  • Learn from the practitioners and avoid common mistakes through tried and tested mental models
  • Build a community of peers who are at a similar stage in their startup journey

...more to follow on each masterclass

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We’re looking for the next generation of successful Indian marketplaces. If you’re an early-stage marketplace founder, apply now here or learn more about the #DecodingMarketplaces Startup Hunt.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with marketplaces. Let us share our learnings and build a better and stronger ecosystem. Write to us at seedtoscale@accel.com to be a part of the Accel family.

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