Announcing Our Investment in Bayestree: A Next Generation Enterprise CX Platform

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Customers have become accustomed to "Amazon" or "consumer like" experiences but enterprises are yet to adapt their internal operating model and tooling to deliver this. Enterprises have long known that customer experience is a huge determinant of NPS. However, they have always struggled to navigate complex internal product documentation, response guidelines and knowledge to respond on time and resolve complaints quickly and proactively.

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Bayestree, a Customer Experience Platform CXP that is redefining how large enterprises manage complaints, and experience. Bayestree empowers enterprises to rapidly resolve complex customer complaints in a personalized manner using their proprietary Synapse engine.

While the need for better enterprise customer experiences was clear to us at Accel. What was even clearer was that not everyone can solve this! It requires a deep understanding of complex enterprise architecture, the ability to understand integrations with legacy systems, multiple data stores, workflows and enterprise grade security while also understanding next generation AI and software. 

When we met the Bayestree team, we felt they could together build something special.  Avijit and Girish had a first-hand understanding of this problem space from years of enterprise experience leading global teams at SAP and McKinsey. This was well complemented by Partho, who had built world-class, scalable AI solutions while leading the data science team for Azure.

Over the last 18 months, the team has already gone live with high profile Fortune 2000 customers including a Fortune 50. The list also includes leading generic Pharma, automotive, and global accounting firm.  More importantly, they have already started to deliver results - reducing customer response time and cost of resolution significantly.

COVID has made them even more critical in a world where teams are distributed and delivering high quality customer experiences for customers is even harder in a cost conscious world. We couldn’t be more excited to continue supporting Bayestree in their mission to change the way enterprises deliver customer experience.

-Team Accel

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