Future X

Future of Cypto - Raghu Yarlagadda on FalconX's flight and what it means

November 11, 2021

Future of Cypto - Raghu Yarlagadda on FalconX's flight and what it means

Future X
Future of Cypto - Raghu Yarlagadda on FalconX's flight and what it means
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Crypto is definitely here. With the slew of recent advertising and coverage around it, plus the FOMO that investments in it are generating, we are definitely overdue for a discussion on the space.

And we have just the thing for you.

Pratik Agarwal, my colleague at Accel has been interested in this space for a long time, and he is interviewing Raghu Yarlagadda, CEO of FalconX, one of the world’s fastest growing companies of the last half-decade.

Though if you know about Crupto, you can’t have missed FalconX, I’ll still give you a brief: FalconX is a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech-focused cryptocurrency brokerage and digital asset trading platform. Accel have been proud partners since the startup’s inception, and we’ve been cheering on their success loudly!

But that’s not just why we are talking to Raghu for this episode. As reported by Bloomberg in August 2021, FalconX saw its revenue grow by a multiple of 30 times in the 12 months (upto June 2021).

Evidently, Raghu and team know something we don’t. And that’s not all.

The crypto world is moving at a pace that is beguiling to even seasoned market watchers. There is just so much happening every day. Raghu and Pratik will also attempt to give us a lens into this world and how to make sense of a rapidly changing scene.

This podcast has all this and more. It has been one of my favorite episodes recently and we hope to bring Raghu back for more next year.

6:57 - 7:59: Insights that helped in starting FalconX; building a tokenization gateway for institutions
8:15 - 10:26: Why was it critical to focus on institutions and not retail customers?
16:00 - 18:20: Convenience in the institutional adoption of crypto assets 
20:39 - 22:21: De-Fi(decentralised finance) explained
23:15 - 25:35: Nuances of De-Fi; Comparing it with conventional banking system
27:22 - 29:50: Global overview on the regulatory landscape in crypto
31:06 - 33:01: Future white spaces that could be chased starting today in crypto
33:03 - 33:55: Newer opportunities on the infrastructure side in the crypto market‍

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