What can you expect from 10 Weeks of Founder Stack for SaaS Startups?

Founder Stack is a ten-week go to market program exclusively for early-stage founders...

Siddharth Ram
Founder In Residence, Accel
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What can you expect from 10 Weeks of Founder Stack for SaaS Startups?
  • Founder Stack is a ten-week go to market program exclusively for early-stage founders who are building SaaS startups. We meet every Thursday for Master Sessions, Roundtables, 1–1, and Dinners.
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  • FS Infrastructure Layer: Every startup which is part of the program will get a) Allowance Grant for all your travel, stay, etc.

b) Stay with Fab Hotels.
c) Cross border banking support with Silicon Valley Bank.
d) AWS Startup Kit special package for Founder Stack startups.
e) Office Space in Bangalore for 2–3 people.
f) Perks from Freshworks, Clevertap, Chargebee, and many more SaaS startups.

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  • FS Market Research Layer: The first two weeks will help to establish the clarity on how a founder should understand about a market if they want to build scalable SaaS. We would like to help founders get a complete understanding of their market map.
You will get tactical knowledge on how to correctly evaluate your market sizes, what are some best ways to do market research, how to calculate your TAM, how to profile your customers and more.
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  • FS Product Layer: The technology co-founders can attend the program for the next two weeks to learn about
The nuances of building a product team, a great dev culture, writing job descriptions for next 10–15 product-centric roles, tuning for product market fit, staying close to customer and more.
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  • FS Customer Growth Layer: The next four weeks will be about acquiring your next set of users. How to talk to them, convincing them for pilots or as early customers.
What you gain from this layer is to set up your cross border strategy, set up your inside sales process, set up your marketing engine and open possible connections when required.
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  • FS Presentation Layer: The last two weeks are about tuning your pitch to mainly customers and investors. We will not have a demo day, but our goal is to ensure you are prepared and skilled enough to talk to customers and investors.
What you will get out of this layer is in-depth feedback on your pitch decks, a case studies, how to position your narrative for customers, how to do sales for the first 100 customers and more.
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Three most valuable things for founders in the early stage that you can expect from Founder Stack are

  • Relevant 1–1’s with experts from our network to provide contextual help.
  • Highly curated feedbacks every week helps you course-correct your strategies. Adding to this, you have weekly townhalls
  • Right Connections help founders to grow faster in the early stage.

At Founder Stack, we have weekly town halls to discuss the progress and updates about their startup.

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An additional takeaway from Founder Stack is a network of

a) SaaS Experts b) Relationships c) Peer Group of Founders

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If you are looking to be part of Founder Stack, our applications are currently open. The deadline for applications is March 5th, 2020.

Please apply here at www.founderstack.in

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