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Startups growth


Our Community at SeedToScale is growing by the day. We have been building a community of early-stage startup founders who are on their way to building large-scale companies across numerous industries.

The idea is always to help early-stage startups move faster towards scaling by offering actionable insights and by amplifying contextual learning.

Having said that, the team at SeedToScale by Accel is actively serving our community of founders across functions and aspects like product-market fit, go-to-market strategies, hiring, product iterations and improvement, among all the other numerous bricks of business-building.

Through some programs like Launchpad, Founder Stack, and Rebound, we have been able to serve founders who are in their pre product-market fit stage. With access to masterclasses, peer-to-peer learning, 1-1’s with subject matter experts, community nights, roundtable discussions and feedback sessions, the learning has been holistic for the participating founders.

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Looking back, here are some observations we could make

  • All the members of our community at SeedToScale are in their very early-stages and on their way to realise their product-market fit.
  • Since they join the community at these seed stages, they would often require plenty of help and support in resources and areas that go beyond just financial capital.
  • For these seed-stage founders to scale faster, there is a dire need of quality talent and operators, and finding such quality talent is often a hard task during this stage.

With the entire world going remote-first, the pool of opportunities is just endless. Being concerned about access to high-quality talent is a matter of yesterday, that no longer holds significance. More and more consultants and freelancers are capitalising on the gig economy fueled by the remote world.

At SeedToScale, we aim to build a large talent pool of operators that would help our large community of seed-stage founders accelerate faster towards scaling.

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Why join SeedToScale?

  • The team at SeedToScale is building the country’s best curated community of founders in their early stages and you get to work with the smartest of minds who are building some amazing companies. 
  • We strongly believe that SeedToScale, as a community, will thrive when these rockstar founders get to meet and work with the champions in the game. 
  • If you are a consultant, subject-matter expert, freelancer or a coach, we would love to have you onboard in our network. 
  • Whether you are an agency, a working professional, a full-time or a senior employee in a company, it does not matter to us as long as you can commit some time to help our SeedToScale founders.

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The categories that we are looking for are

  • UI/UX Designers 
  • Growth Hackers and Experts
  • Search-engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Developers
  • Financial Consultants
  • Legal Experts for Startups
  • Sales Consultants
  • Media & PR Professionals
Startups growth

If you have subject-matter expertise in any categories other than those mentioned, please get in touch with us.

These engagements are paid for, either by the startups themselves or by Accel, depending on a case-to-case basis and respective requirements and terms. Our idea is solely to facilitate the matchmaking process and not involve in the creative process of the companies in any way.

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