Building a Consumer Tech Startup

/A self paced course on how to build a Consumer Tech Startup. The modules are focused on 4 key layers Market Research, Product, Go To Market, Fundraising

“Accel in India & SeedToScale - thank you for the FounderStack program. It has been a great way to learn”

Mehak Malik
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Who is this for?

If you are Looking for Product-Market Fit
If you are a First or Second Time Founders
If you are someone Who needs a sounding board in the early days

What you get?

Network of ConsumerTech  Founders to learn from
Network of ConsumerTech  Founders to learn from
Sharper Clarity on finding PM Fit

Course Structure

Module 1
Market Research
  • Market Sizing & Segmentation for a consumer tech startup
  • Science of User Research & Best Practices
  • Building your GTM based on Product Opportunity
Module 2
Product-Market Fit
  • Building PMF Strategy
  • Improving your NPS with initial users
  • Increasing the stickiness of your product
Module 3
Growth Channels
  • Exploring growth channels to the first 100K users
  • Organic & Paid demand generation
  • Setting your metrics and tools for tracking growth
  • Designing Network Effects
  • Case studies of pricing models
  • Getting your onboarding landing page and branding right
Module 4
  • All about fundraising


Anshumani Ruddra
Group Product Manager, Google
Deepak Abbot
Co-Founder, Indiagold, Ex Paytm
Dr Ajay Sethi
Venture Partner, Ex-Accel
Kunal Shah
Founder & CEO, CRED
Manu Prasad
Niraj Singh
Founder & CEO, Spinny
Raghunandan G
Founder & ex-CEO, TaxiForSure
Ravi Bhushan
Co-Founder & CEO - BrightChamps
Saikiran Krishnamurthy
Xto10X, Flipkart
Vamsi Krishna
Co-Founder & CEO, Vedantu
Vivekananda Hallekere
Founder & CEO, Bounce

Alumni Testimonials

Aditya Kulkarni

Founder, Stoa School

“Accel in India & SeedToScale - thank you for the FounderStack program. It has been a great way to learn - and bring some of that knowledge to our fellows at Stoa.”

Mehak Malik

Founder, Uvi Health

“Thank you Accel India for the most incredible learning experience. Founder Stack was a safe space for me to grow as an entrepreneur and gave me access to the best thinkers and doers from the Indian startup ecosystem.”


Simran Khara
Founder, Koparo
Siddharth Swarnkar
Co-Founder, Tamasha
Shivam Garg
Co-Founder, ingig
Shashank Chimaladari
Co-Founder, WintWealth (previously GrowFix)
Shankar Nath
Co-Founder, Junio
Saurabh Gupta
Co-Founder, Tamasha
Raj Kunkolienkar
Founder, Stoa School
Raghav Himatsingka
Founder, Raising Superstars
Pramod Rao
Founder, Threado
Mohit Kinra
Co-Founder and CEO, Quinn
Mehak Malik
Founder, Uvi Health
Meet Singhal
Co-Founder, Stamurai
Harsh Tyagi
Co-Founder, Stamurai
Arvind Sasikumar
Co-Founder, CTO at Quinn
Anshul Gupta
Co-Founder, WintWealth (previously Growfix)
Anshul Agarwal
Co-Founder, Stamurai
Ankit Gera
Co-Founder, Junio
Aniket Gupta
CEO, ingig
Ajinkya Kulkarni
Co-Founder and CEO, Wint Wealth
Aditya Kulkarni
Founder, Stoa School
Abhik Patel
Co-Founder and COO, Wint Wealth

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any perks associated with completion of this course?

Currently No, but we are actively considering bringing in some partners who can offer perks to startups who have successfully completed this course on SeedToScale.

Is this a course or a program by Accel?

We started Founder Stack as a program but we pivoted it to a course + community activities to help us add impact to more founders across the country. We could help only a few founders throughout the learning program so we thought productizing it will help us add value at scale. This is an attempt to achieve that scale.

Will there be any funding associated with this Course?

No, This is purely from a learning perspective and is not connected to any funding from Accel or any other VC in the ecosystem. However, you can reach out to Accel in case you are considering fundraising for your startup.