The Future of Work Dialogue: Beyond Hubs and Drifts

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Early last year, an oft-quoted Gartner report stated that companies are spending over $500 billion on software every year, and more and more of these are delivered as SaaS. 

This is now accepted truth. But the report also stated a few more things.

It said that the selling process is going to become more and more buyer centric, but more importantly in this regard, that millennials are going to be the decision makers, and therefore more digitally oriented and knowledgeable. If treated just as targets or consumers, they will baulk, but given seamless interactions, superior experience and value, they will respond.

Some of this is evident, but was lent urgency by the pandemic’s acceleration of these trends.

And this has changed the game for Martech and Sales.

Companies building in this space have had to understand and deliver on customer success, great UX, reducing the context gap between product, sales, and marketing teams. Add to that remote-selling, which the enterprise world has been forced to adapt to in quick time. Marketers and sales-folks are also interested in more analytics that can help them make decisions, the kind of intelligence that helps them know their ICPs way more effectively than they can right now.

All of these are complexities and problems are being addressed by startups right now. 

And if you are one of them, we have something for you.

As part of our Future of Work Dialogue, we are hosting an event for early stage founders building products in sales and marketing.

This is on 31st March, Wednesday, and founders can apply here.

Sidharth Malik, Chief Revenue Officer of Freshworks, who leads GTM for the company globally, is talking about how the tech stack in GTM teams has evolved and what would be some of the opportunities that could be up for grabs. He leads a 1500+ member team spread across 12 offices across the globe, which is why this session is unmissable.

Siddarth will be speaking for 20 to 30 minutes, followed by open-discussion between founders and the panelists.

Deepak Anchala, founder and CEO of Slintel, an intent powered GTM intelligence platform is someone who is actually solving some of these problems right now. He will share his journey in taking Slintel to $1 million ARR, adding over 100 customers in 2020, and how data is driving change in sales and marketing functions.

Deepak will be speaking for 15-20 minutes, followed by open-discussion between founders and the panelists.

Dinesh Katiyar, Partner at Accel, and investor in MindTickle, one of the largest sales tech startups from India, will talk about the investor’s view of insights and learnings around building a global SaaS enterprise from India, and what to keep in  mind while building for the GTM function from India. He has also invested in Zinier, Entytle and Prodigal, among others.

Dinesh will share his insights for about 20 - 30 minutes, followed by a discussion where founders will talk about their favourite companies in the current GTM landscape and why.

Reminder, this is on March 31st, Wednesday, from 9 am to 12 pm, and founders can apply here.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

About the Future of Work Dialogue

The Future of Work Dialogue is a series of conversations organised by Accel, aimed at founders building, or thinking of building startups aiming to shape the Future of Work.

Each conversation will focus on a particular function, and will have a product leader who has built, or is building a product in the space. Founders will discuss their vision of the future of work, and the opportunities and challenges that come along with it.

Accel will help shape the discussion towards actionable insights. This one is focused on marketing and sales technologies, and the last one was on collaboration and communication

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