Announcing the Future of Work Dialogue

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Rajiv Ayyangar, co-founder and CEO of Tandem


The Future of Work is being redefined. 

With the pandemic came an acceleration in adoption of the latest tools and technologies on offer, in an attempt to keep work going. This extended to almost every functional facet of the modern office: HR, sales, marketing, customer support, even finance.

A year later, we are well into that one-way street of change.

However, there remain various problems to be solved for organisations to claim the complete benefits of a distributed workforce.

Which is what we want to think through.

The Future of Work Dialogue is a series of conversations organised by Accel, where founders will discuss their vision of the future of work, and the opportunities and challenges that come along with it.

Each conversation will focus on a particular function, and will have a product leader who has built, or is building a product in the space. Accel will help shape the discussion towards actionable insights.

Who is it for?

Founders building, or thinking of building startups that are aiming to shape the Future of Work:

If you are a founder thinking along these lines, you can apply for access here.

Please note that  the conversation will be less around how to manage and run distributed teams, more around creating products that can help solve problems faced by distributed teams.

Beyond a Zoom-ed in world: Collaboration and Communication products of the future

rajiv ayyangar

Apply for access here

On 10th March, we are kicking off the dialogue with a session on Beyond a Zoom-ed in world: Collaboration and Communication products of the future with Rajiv Ayyangar, co-founder and CEO of Tandem, a remote office collaboration software backed by a16z. 

Tandem is one of the leading software solutions in the ‘virtual office’ space, and we will dive deep into the sector and into the philosophy and worldview that Tandem is being built on.
In his previous roles, Rajiv has worked across software startups and enterprises like Delectable, Yahoo, Bacchus Analytics, and CoolVines.

Following Rajiv’s session, Shekhar Kirani, Partner at Accel, will provide an investor’s idea of the space, and how Accel looks at the companies that are building out the future of work.

And lastly, to help our founders think through the early days, we have a team from our star portfolio company, Miro, who will help with different aspects of product building in this space.

This will include UI/UX, and insights into growth and strategic partnerships.

The team comprises Eduardo Gomez Ruiz (UX Research Lead at Miro) and Sanjana Tandon (Head of strategic partnerships at Miro).

Sanjana Tandon

Here’s the link to apply again, and we look forward to seeing you.

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