Announcing Startup School for Aspiring Founders with courses in SaaS & Consumer Tech

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Today, we at SeedToScale are relaunching our Founderstack program as a Startup School which has two carefully curated and structured courses:
1. Building a Venture Backable SaaS Startup
2. Building a Consumer Tech Startup

SeedToScale will now also host self-paced courses + live roundtables for discussions + meetups for founders with insights on how to go about building venture-backable startups.

You can check out the courses for free here: https://www.seedtoscale.com/courses

Why is Accel launching courses on SeedToScale?

Our mission at SeedToScale by Accel is to democratize the knowledge of building venture backable companies in as many ways as possible. Today, we are taking another small step on this mission to curate two unique courses for the first time in India.

Aspiring Indian founders who want to build SaaS & Consumer Tech companies can now learn the fundamental building blocks of how to build venture-backable startups and take them from seed to scale.

There are some very good courses already on building startups. But at times startup courses sometimes get very generic and basic. We’ve realized that founders find it useful when the content is more contextual to their idea and domain. We wanted to go deeper and be specific to SaaS & Consumer Tech Startups so that a founder can figure out nuances and details better.

Watch the 2 min trailers of SaaS & Consumer Tech Courses for an overview 

We have been in beta for the last few weeks and already over 1000+ founders have already signed up for the courses. We’ve got some great feedback and are constantly improving based on this feedback.

What are the topics covered in both our courses & by whom?

Both SaaS & Consumer Tech courses have the best experts from across the country who have built startups from Seed To Scale and are functional experts in their topic.

These are designed like masterclasses where you as a founder can go fairly deep to understand the nuances with examples and tasks.

Here is what a few founders have to say about the course:

Email Conversation from one of the course takers :)

We’ve put together a few FAQs here

What does the curriculum look like?

Our curriculum in both courses focuses on 4 modules:

  1. How to do market research & sizing 
  2. How to find product-market fit 
  3. How to unlock growth channels & GTM Strategy with frameworks 
  4. How to go about fundraising

What is the structure of the modules?

We have kept the structure fairly simple:

  1. Sessions 
  2. Summary Clips 
  3. Takeaways 
  4. References 
  5. Quiz 

What do founders get by being part of this course?

As part of the school, the course is one of the offerings.
Along with the course we also plan to host Roundtables, Workshops, Community Meetups across 2022. You will also receive a Course Completion Certificate when you finish all the lectures as part of the course.
What more can we do better? Email us at seedtoscale@accel.com 

How should I join the course? 

We have two courses:

1. Building a Venture Backable SaaS Startup: Sign up Here

2. Building a Consumer Tech Startup: Sign Up Here 

Reach us out at seedtoscale@accel.com for more details or concerns 

If you wish to partner with us for the course to extend it to your audience, let us know how it can be done. We will evaluate the synergy and grant permissions accordingly. This can be for edtech startups, creators, institutes, incubators, & accelerators.

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