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We have two programs in the pre-product market fit stage to help founders build their startup with Accel.

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FounderStack by Accel: A stack to help you get started!

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SAAS | Pick your track | FounderStack by Accel

We built a SaaS Stack to help you accelerate towards PMF and build a good foundation for a venture scalable startup.

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Consumer Technology | | Pick your track | FounderStack by Accel

We built a Consumer Tech Stack to help you build a scalable consumer tech company. The program helps you accelerate your journey towards Product Market Fit.

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We curate the best perks, credits, resources for building a startup in early stages

Market Research

We help founders to understand their market & discover large market opportunities


Objective of this layer is to help founders understand their strategy to reach PMF

Customer Growth

The goal of this layer is to help founders with their go-to-market plans to increase their users and customers


In this layer, we help founders craft their narrative for customers and prepare them raise funds


Expert led session on topics that are tactical for a founder

Private Roundtables

Contextual discussion with industry leaders to help shape your strategies

1 on 1’s

We schedule meetings with relevant people in the industry to help get constant feedback on your journey

Sounding Board

We allocate a group of relevant experts who shall help you throughout the program

Founder Session

Have interesting conversations with founders and learn from their experiences

Community nights

We deeply care about community building and host multiple activities online to engage founders beyond work.


FAQs | build more SaaS & Business Leadership skills | FounderStack by Accel
Is Founder Stack founder first, or startup first ?
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This is a Founder First platform. In early stages, only Founders matter and we want to empower them to build scalable startups. We look forward to working with good Founding Teams and building a great alumni network of Founders across the country.

Who can apply for Founder Stack?
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Founders who are building Startups and believe that they can benefit from this program - can apply. (Please check the program framework to know if it’s useful for you)

Is Founder Stack an Accelerator Program?
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No, this is not an accelerator program. This program is not funding centric but is more towards knowledge & exposure - to build more SaaS & Business Leadership skills.

Are there any terms & conditions to join the program? Will I have to dilute any equity?
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No, this is a no strings attached program. You will not have to dilute any equity to build with the help of Accel. We are solving information asymmetry to build SaaS companies.

Why did Accel start this and what do we get out of it?
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This is our community-driven initiative. We don't take any equity for you to join and be part of Founder Stack. SaaS is our forte and we want to help many founders with our decade of expertise. This is our effort to contribute to the founder ecosystem without any strings attached. The more Founders benefit in the early stages, the more amazing companies are built in India - which eventually contributes to the growth story of the startup ecosystem and the country. This is what we strongly believe in at Accel.

Which stage of startups are ideal to apply?
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Preferably Early Stage (Idea to Pre-PM Fit)






Our first cohort of Founder Stack was for SaaS startups. We spent 10 weeks with 32 founders to help them on their journey to PMF. Here is the blog announcing the cohort of founders and talking about what they are building.

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Jan 2020


Jun 2020

Cohort Talks

CEO, Mailmodo

If I ever get successful with my startup, I will give a hell lot of the credit to founder stack for helping me take the right decision in my journey

CEO, Hatica

Founder Stack has been an incredible learning experience that has helped us broaden our understanding beyond just building the product to be able to market and sell globally. The program has helped us clear a lot of misconceptions that inexperienced SaaS founders like us would generally have and we've come out of the program with more clarity on what's important and what's not in our journey towards building a SaaS business.

CEO, Privado

Founder Stack is a perfect program to evaluate if you're building a fundable startup. With Founder Stack, you can engineer success for your startup with the right framework for each stage, coaches who have done that before, and an awesome community of founders to learn and grow together

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