Build a Venture Backable
SaaS Startup

/A self-paced course on how to build a SaaS Startup. The modules are focused on 4 key layers Market Research, Product, Go To Market, Fundraising

“If I ever get successful with my startup, I will give a hell lot of the credit to founder stack for helping me take the right decision in my journey”

CEO, Mailmodo
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Who is this for?

First or Second Time Founders
Looking for Product-Market Fit
Understand more about SaaS Startups

What you get?

Sharper Clarity on Market Sizing & PM Fit
Understanding of Venture backable consumer startups
15 Hours of Content across various segments 

Course Structure

Module 1
Market Research
  • Getting your market sizing right
  • Validation of PM Fit
  • Framework to understand customers
Module 2
Product-Market Fit
  • Paving the strategy to reach PM Fit
  • Building great product teams
Module 3
Go-To Market Strategy
  • Building Go-To market strategy
  • Developing Cross Border Strategy
  • Building your marketing & Sales Engine
Module 4
Customer Pitch
  • Developing a good customer pitch
  • Developing a fine-tuned investor pitch


Abhinav Chaturvedi
Partner, Accel
Abhishek Nayak
Co-Founder, Appsmith
Anand Jain
Co-Founder & CEO, CleverTap
Ankur Saigal
Co-Founder at BambooBox
Arvind Parthibhan
CEO, SuperOps
Barath Shankar Subramanian
Partner, Accel
Dinesh Katiyar
Partner, Accel
Dr Ajay Sethi
Venture Partner, Ex-Accel
Girish Mathrubootham
Founder & CEO, Freshworks Inc.
Krish Subramanian
Co-Founder & CEO, Chargebee
Mohit Garg
Co-Founder & CEO, MindTickle
Prasanna Krishnamoorthy
Partner, Upekkha
Ramesh Ravishankar
Sr Marketing Director, Freshworks
Shekhar Kirani
Partner, Accel
Sudheendra Chilappagari
Growth, Segment
Vijay Rayapati
GM, Nutanix
Vishal Anand
Chief Product Officer, Clevertap

Alumni Testimonials


CEO, Mailmodo

“If I ever get successful with my startup, I will give a hell lot of the credit to founder stack for helping me take the right decision in my journey”


CEO, Hatica

“Founder Stack has been an incredible learning experience that has helped us broaden our understanding beyond just building the product to be able to market and sell globally. The program has helped us clear a lot of misconceptions”


CEO, Privado

“Founder Stack is a perfect program to evaluate if you're building a fundable startup. With Founder Stack, you can engineer success for your startup with the right framework for each stage, coaches who have done that before, and an awesome community of founders to learn and grow together”


Andrew Moses
Co-Founder and CEO, Tenantcube
Anushree Bishnoi
Building LongShot
Aquibur Rahman
Founder, Mailmodo
Jayendran GS
Co-Founder, Prudent.ai
Lakshman Pasala
Co-Founder, Yaoe
Naomi Chopra
Co-Founder, Stealth
Puneet Khanduri
Co-Founder and CEO, Sn126
Ravitej Yadalam
Co-Founder and CEO, Lightwing
Rupesh Rao
Founder and CEO, CogniSaaS
Rushabh Sheth
Co-Founder and CEO, Docsumo
Shruti Kapoor
Co-Founder, Wingman
Vaibhav Antil
Co-Founder, Privado
Yasharth Mishra
Co-Founder, SuperBeings

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any perks associated with the completion of this course?

Currently No, but we are actively considering bringing in some partners who can offer perks to startups who have successfully completed this course on SeedToScale.

Is this a course or a program by Accel?

We started Founder Stack as a program but we pivoted it to a course + community activities to help us add impact to more founders across the country. We could help only a few founders throughout the learning program so we thought productizing it will help us add value at scale. This is an attempt to achieve that scale.

Will there be any funding associated with this Course?

No, This is purely from a learning perspective and is not connected to any funding from Accel or any other VC in the ecosystem. However, you can reach out to Accel in case you are considering fundraising for your startup.