Amenla Jamir

Head of Design Partner Program (Ex-employee, Design Cafe)
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Hourly Rate
Rs. 1500/hour
Freelancer marketplaces
Online communities
Business Function

8+ years of work experience playing key roles in launching and scaling business verticals in early-stage startups. An entrepreneur at heart, I co-founded two startups in online media and Direct to Consumer (D2C) domains. I passionately learn and build for online communities, freelancer platforms, digital-first brands, and setting up lean and self-sustaining teams and processes for scale. Core team member of Housejoy, where I launched at-home service from the ground up.

Top customers till now
Design Cafe
Engagement(s) with past clients
"1) Design Cafe (Interior design and build firm). I launched their entire design partner program from scratch - to onboard freelance interior designers and small firms to work with the company on a commission basis. Launched an MVP to compress onboarding and qualification from 1 month to 24 hours. Additionally, re-designed the entire contract agreement, incentive, payout T&C, designed team structure, and hired teams (consisting of tech vendor, business tech analysis, onboarding manager, community manager, and sales). Added 100+ freelancers in 1 year, and added 150+ projects with AOV of Rs. 8lac in 1 year, and bringing top-line revenue of 1.5 Cr per month. Engagement includes working on GTM, MVP development, team structuring and hiring, sales alignment, process design for scale, training, and assessments for the designers. 2) Housejoy: Launched fitness category from scratch. Engagement includes market understanding and research, designing revenue model (subscription model), GTM, P&L"