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Athul Suresh
Caleb Friesen
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Sampada Bhootna
Amit Gupta
Amruth B R
Pawan Bhadauria
Matthew John
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Arun Vemireddy
Caleb Friesen
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Who can join our programs ?

Market Fit

You have an idea and made progress in the last few months on it. You can be building your prototype, about to launch, finding your first employees or just raised some fund.

Looking for a Sounding Board

Early stage is a very crucial phase to steer your business towards venture scalability. You must be looking for some experts in your domain who can guide you on specific things that can help you a lot.

Need insights & not Gyaan

While you are executing you want insights that can help you to move faster. This could be tactical knowledge from experts that are very contextual to your stage of the company and category

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Upcoming Programs

We are coming up with the second cohort of Founder Stack focused specifically for consumer tech companies. We have built a stack that enables early stage consumer tech startups to scale faster towards Product Market Fit.


The program is designed to help founders answer

“How to double down on a GTM strategy?”

“What is a large market opportunity in your space?”

“ How to think about user growth and what channels work best in your business category?”

“How to ace organic & paid marketing & design network effects to reach to 100K users?”

"How did a similar business in your space unlock growth in the initial days?”

Cohort Talks

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CEO, Mailmodo

If I ever get successful with my startup, I will hell lot of credit to founder stack for helping me take the right decision in my journey

CEO, Hatica

Founder Stack has been an incredible learning experience that has helped us broaden our understanding beyond just building the product to be able to market and sell globally. The program has helped us clear a lot of misconceptions that inexperienced SaaS founders like us would generally have and we've come out of the program with more clarity on what's important and what's not in our journey towards building a SaaS business.

CEO, Privado

Founder Stack is a perfect program to evaluate if you're building a fundable startup. With Founder Stack, you can engineer success for your startup with the right framework for each stage, coaches who have done that before, and an awesome community of founders to learn and grow together

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