Jul 5, 2020

Neeraj Arora

Learnings from his WhatsApp Journey

Podcast Summary

Podcast Summary

In this episode of the INSIGHTS podcast, we have with us Neeraj Arora, who played a pivotal role at Whatsapp as an early employee and then as the Chief Business Officer.

We hear from Neeraj on his early career days, non-obvious career moves, learnings from the Whatsapp journey, the multi-billion dollar Facebook- Whatsapp deal, his experiences from investing in India, and finally some advice for startup founders.

In the podcast, Neeraj gives us a glimpse into what made Whastapp stand out as he chose his next move after Google and walks us through some of the key decisions they took at Whatsapp that shaped their success story.

To learn more about Neeraj’s story and the key founder traits that helped Jan and Brian scale Whatsapp to over a billion monthly active users with a team size of just fifty-five people, tune in to the latest episode of the Insights Podcast by Accel


03:20 — Early life and career

13:00 — The Whatsapp journey

19:22 — Rapid Fire: first-time situations

24:39 — The Facebook-Whatsapp deal

28:49 — Winning traits of Jan and Brian

34:08 — Return to investing

42:08 — Rapid Fire: fun questions

Watch the Video of the full podcast here

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Anand Daniel
Partner, Accel

Anand is one of the partners at Accel India. He has lead investments in companies like swiggy, bounce, blackbuck and more. Investing since 2006, Anand focuses on investments in consumer technology, online marketplaces, and healthcare technology at Accel.


Neeraj Arora
Ex-WhatsApp, Lead QA tester

Neeraj Arora played a pivotal role at Whatsapp as an early employee and then as their Chief Business Officer.

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