Dec 21, 2018

Dinesh Katiyar

Cross-Border Startups

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Podcast Summary

Podcast Summary

In this episode of #INSIGHTSPodcast Series, we focus on Cross-Border startups — particularly software startups that are cross-border in nature from early days. Dinesh Katiyar, our Accel India partner who is based in Silicon Valley shares some of his key learnings from working initially as a cross-border entrepreneur and now as a VC who focuses on this sector.

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There is a range of important topics we cover in this podcast:

Sub-sectors in cross-border startups: What are the various sub-sectors within Enterprise Software that Dinesh is excited about? What are some of the nuances of each sub-sector and developing and scaling cross-border startups in these sub-sectors?

India advantage: Is there an India advantage while building Enterprise Software products out of India for the globe?

Product Market fit for cross-border startups: Does building a product for India first and then scaling to international markets make sense? What else startups need to think about in the early days while talking to potential customers of cross-border companies.

Enterprise customers: How can you service Enterprise customers sitting out of India. What can you do differently for these large enterprise customers vs. small-to-medium customers?

Getting the team right: Right hires in the US for an early stage startup with a majority of the team is based in India? Does it make sense to find a co-founder in the US?

Multi-cultural team: How do you build a multi-cultural team and why is that super important for a cross-border company?

World class products out of India: Israel is seen as a hub for tech startups that go global— is there a scope for India to build such a hub and if so how? Some examples of world-class software products built from India.

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Anand Daniel
Partner, Accel

Anand is one of the partners at Accel India. He has lead investments in companies like swiggy, bounce, blackbuck and more. Investing since 2006, Anand focuses on investments in consumer technology, online marketplaces, and healthcare technology at Accel.


Dinesh Katiyar
Partner, Accel

Dinesh is a partner at Accel India and lives out of the Bay area. He mostly focuses on startups with cross border businesses

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