How India is Reimagining Its Bazaars

Over the past decade and a half, new-age marketplaces in India have transformed how people buy and sell products and services. From Flipkart to Swiggy, Urban Company, and Zetwerk, each has reimagined "the bazaars," shaping the future of commerce and livelihood in India.
Starting November 3rd, we will share stories from the trenches about building and scaling these marketplaces, along with foundational lessons from their journeys.
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About the Initiative

Marketplaces have been a key driver to India’s growth story over the past decade. They have not only created large companies but have been important for wealth creation, generating jobs and giving birth to new tech solutions.
Accel India has powered the journeys of many of these startups and their founders from Seed to Scale.
The stories from Decoding Marketplaces will map everything from achieving product-market fit to dealing with large competitors. These stories have tactical and strategic lessons. These candid chats will give budding entrepreneurs access to founders who have built, scaled and won their battles.
If you are a first-time founder or an entrepreneur looking to build a marketplace, these conversations will help you identify your building blocks and learn from the community.