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We offer office space to startups in our community and host multiple events which help in creating a vibrant ecosystem.


We offer one of the finest working spaces in the Bangalore region. It has all the amenities for founders to build their startups comfortably. We also have infrastructure to host events and dinners.

More Productivity
Less burnout

Accel Launchpad has all the amenities for a startup to be productive.









What do you get from
the Launchpad?

High Speed WiFi

We offer a high speed 100 MBPS Wi-Fi on all the floors for our members

Priority safety & Security

The building is well secured and has biometric locks for all the floors.

Community Events
Community Events

Being in centre of Koramangala, we also tend to host a lot of community events

Access to coaches
Access to Coaches

As Accel, we keep inviting several  experts and founders to engage with the startups


Open Terrace

We host dinners, events and games for our community.


Startups can use this space to host or attend fire side chats, launches & press briefings

Dedicated &
Hot Desks

We give these desks to individual freelancers & startups with less than 10 members only

Meeting Rooms

There are about 10 meeting rooms in the building. You can book them using a mobile app.

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Who uses Launchpad?


Accel Launchpad building is one of the best working places in bangalore for startups and the community vibe is an icing on the cake.

CEO, Snaptrude

Accel Launchpad is not just a state of the art workspace in Bangalore’s startup epicentre (Koramangala), it’s also home to one of the most vibrant startup communities, giving you an opportunity to learn from peers and attend talks, workshops and round tables led by the best mentors you can find in the industry.

CEO, Typito
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Stay Ahead

Stay Ahead

Our goal is to build an engaging community and we want all of you to be part of it. We share many of our updates first with our community.

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